A Bodystocking Is More Than Just Fun In The Bed room

A Bodystocking Is More Than Just Fun In The Bedroom

At first thought, you could think that a bodystocking is a lot of fuss getting into them with the inevitable wriggle dance that comes with getting up over your feminine body. And afterward, there’s getting them off once more– while trying to be as hot and sexy as possible in the heat of the moment with your partner or when you are so tired you need to pivot into something more comfortable. Not to mention when the need arises that you need to rush to the toilet … Taking all this into consideration, why in the world should we really bother with a bodystocking? What do they do for us anyway? Are they just for the bedroom or can they be underwear or even outerwear?

Chrystelle Black Patterned Bodystocking

Sexy Chrystelle Black Patterned Bodystocking S/M and L/XL

Bodystocking Adaptability
If only you could see how fantastic bodystockings are, the distinct body-contouring they offer and also the alluring appeal that comes with them. The best bodystocking can go with practically any attire– occasionally it becomes the outfit itself! In fact, a sexy bodystocking is outright essential for any kind of underwear lover.
There are several ways to wear bodystocking, and lots of designs to pick from. Wearing bodystocking will depend on what occasion you have in mind whether you choose crotchless or otherwise, opaque or sheer— or fishnet suspenders. You might like to put on underclothing under your bodystocking too, really the selections are limitless!

Bodystocking Adaptability
If only you could see how fantastic bodystockings are, the distinct body-contouring they offer and also the alluring appeal that comes with them. The best bodystocking can go with practically any attire– occasionally it becomes the outfit itself! In fact, a sexy bodystocking is outright essential for any kind of underwear lover.
There are several ways to wear bodystocking, and lots of designs to pick from. Wearing bodystocking will depend on what occasion you have in mind whether you choose crotchless or otherwise, opaque or sheer– or fishnet suspenders. You might like to put on underclothing under your bodystocking too, really the selections are limitless!
Bodystockings for Underwear
Bodystockings are renowned for their sexy appeal in sexy lingerie, they are pretty handy as underwear too. Not just is it super comfortable, and the most effective body contouring with the skin-like sheath wrapped firmly around your body. Even if you put on one of your most clinging dresses, your contours will look just fabulous– no bumps or wobbly bits below thank you!

Bodystocking although they are great for underwear and for outwear but you cannot overlook the power that bodystocking has in the bedroom! They are Exotic, enticing and entirely sexy and are a the ultimate to co playing between the sheets. Whether you decide to wear them before a date to tease and entice, or later on in the evening, the power is yours.

Plus-sized? Wearing Bodystocking could be your best piece of lingerie as you accentuate all of your womanly functions. And when you take off what you are wearing in front of your partner, there are no humiliating huge pant moments, you’ll astonish your companion with your sheer sexiness!
Points to think about:
Wearing a bodystocking as underwear, probably opt for lace or sheer materials to ensure that it discretely sits under your garments and also you’re not too hot.
Think of whether you wish to wear crotchless or decide not to. Whilst crotchless is incredibly helpful when it comes to rushing to the toilet, some will prefer not to be ‘open’!
What style will you choose? Bear in mind, the most that will be revealing is your legs, so do not hesitate to be free to have some fun with the rest– perhaps attempt a suspender design with a G-string underneath? Points to Consider:
Make sure you choose a design that matches your body if you’re using a bodystocking on its own. Do you want sleeves? As well as its most likely best to see to it the crotch is intact prior to you buy!
What type of statement are you looking to make? Bolder colors are extremely popular; however, black is constantly a winner.

Discovering the right bodystocking will take time. Deciding on the reason for buying it as well as when you wish to use it is a great beginning. Afterward, have a good time choosing styles as well as products to fit your underwear look. With so many alternatives readily available, you cannot go far wrong. Happy browsing!

Buy Sexy Pantyhose & Tights

Although Many Women Apparel-Related Online Stores Carry Pantyhose And Luxury Tights, One Need To Be Aware  When Buying Tights, Pantyhose and Other Legwear One Size Does Not Necessary Fit All Even Though There Is A Tendency To Believe Otherwise.

It Most Certainly Does Not Apply To Those Women Who Are Fully Figured, Who Are Petite And Women With Long Legs Who Are Not Included In This Notion Of One Size Fits All.

This Is Where A Niche Online Lingerie Store Will Have The Commitment To Cater For Those Body Types With Beautiful Styles And Readily Available To Answer Any Questions Regarding How Well They Fit.

A Great Hosiery Online Stores Not Only Have A Wide Variety Of Products But Also Have Competitive Prices As Well Have A Variety Of Choice To Fit Your Needs. You Maybe Looking For An Inexpensive Knee-Highs For Work And Want To Indulge In Luxury Stockings For That Special Occasion.

An Online Hosiery Or Lingerie Stores Should Be Able To Stock A Wide Variety Of Styles From Tights To Pantyhose, Stockings, Thigh-Highs, Hold-Ups, Sexy Bodystockings, Including Open-Crotch Bodystockings.

As Well As To Choose From A Variety Of Fabrics And Thickness (20 Deniers Etc.) Sheers, Fishnets, Patterns, Opaque, Jacquard In An Assortment Of Colors Like Black, Nude Etc.

A Niche Online Hosiery Or Lingerie Store Should Have Expert Knowledge To Help There Customers To Explain The Difference Between A 30 Denier Pantyhose And 100 Denier Tights, The Types Of Seams, Gussets, Panels And Panties That Each Style Are Designed In.

What Someone May Consider Their Idea To Be Perfect Tights May Not Be So For Another Person. An Online Store That Enables Customers To Review And Rate Products Will Help You Make An Informed Buying Decision.

Suspender Bodystockings

Black Suspender Bodystocking

Sexy Times Three In One Suspender Bodystockings

Do You Feel Sexy When You Wear Stockings? How About When You Attach Them To Garter Belts? How Sexy Do You Think You Would Feel If The Garters Are Attached To A Sexy Teddy?

It’s Three Times The Sexiness With Suspender Bodystockings. Why? Because A Suspender Body Stocking Is A Teddy, Garter Belt, And Stockings All Rolled Into One.

Boost Your Sex Appeal With Suspender Bodystockings

When You Want To Add A Dose Of Fun To Your Sexy Look, Opt For A Suspender Body Stocking. They’re Also Perfect If You Can’t Decide Between A Sexy Teddy, A Sensual Pair Of Stockings Or A Whimsical Garter Belt.

Bonus: There Are Usually Sexy Cutouts Involved So Your Man’s Sure To Appreciate The View.

Here Are Several Reasons You Should Get A Suspender Body Stockings:

A Suspender Body Stocking Highlights Your Cleavage.

Most Styles Have Low Necklines So Your Cleavage Is Displayed Front And Center

Suspender Bodystockings Shows Your Waist.

The Most Common Cutout In A Suspender Body Stocking Is Along The Waist, A Perfect Way To Showcase This Curve.

A Suspender Bodystocking May Show Off Your Abs.

If You Have Ripped Abs, A Midriff-Baring Suspender Body Stocking Will Work Great With Your Figure.

Suspender Body Stockings Expose Your Hips And Buns.

Some Bodystocking Styles Have Cutouts That Show Off The Curve Of Your Hip And The Rise Of Your Derriere For A Truly Desirable Bottom.

A Suspender Bodystocking Ups Your Sexy Style Quotient.

You Can Wear Your Bodystocking With A Pretty Thong Since Suspenders Have Open Crotches. Or You Can Go Au Naturel For A Daring Appeal. Suspender Bodystockings Are Also Lightweight And Ideal As A Layering Piece Or Undergarment.

See What A Suspender Bodystocking Can Do For You. Check Out Our Collection Today For Sexier Finds.

Fence Net Bodystockings

What Are Fence Net Bodystockings?
Fence Net Bodystockings Are The Sexier And More Fun Sister Of Fishnets. A Fence Net Is Just Like The Fishnet, Only With A Wider Weave And Pattern. Meaning, They Expose More Of Your Skin And Look Decidedly Graphic Against Your Body. So If You Want To Look Daring, There’s No Better Option Than Fence Net Body Stockings.
Be At Your Most Daring With Fence Net Body Stockings
Fence Net Bodystockings Are Sexy But You Can Up The Sexiness Factor Even More With These Tips:
Wear Fence Net Body Stockings With Another Bodystocking.
Since Fence Net Bodystockings Have Wider Weaves, They Can Showcase Designs Of Other Bodystockings. Here’s An Idea: Try A White Opaque Bodystocking Under Your Fence Net Bodystocking.
Incorporate Nipple Pasties When Wearing Fence Net Body Stockings.
Add More Fun To Your Look With Nipple Pasties. The Wider Weave Of Fence Net Bodystockings Will Allow The Design Of Your Nipple Pasties To Show.
Use Sexy Lingerie Under Your Fence Net Bodystockings.
Fence Net Bodystockings Leave You Bear With Nary A Stitch On You. If You Want To Tease Your Man More, You Can Wear A Thong Or A Sexy Bra Under.
Don A Fence Net Body Stocking Under Your Regular Clothes.
Feel Sexier And More Confident In Your Regular Clothes By Using A Fence Net Bodystocking As An Alternative To Your Usual Hosiery. You’ll Look Sexier But Still Be Classy With This Naughty Secret Under Your Clothes.
Explore New Styles Of Fence Net Body Stockings. Check Out Our Collection For More Exciting Fence Net Bodystocking Options.

Open Crotch Bodystocking

Open Crotch Black Bodystocking

Open Crotch Bodystockings = Sexy + Convenient
If You Are Thinking That Wearing A Bodystocking Is Tedious And Uncomfortable, It’s Clear You Haven’t Tried On An Open Crotch Bodystockings.

As Its Name Suggests, Open Crotch Bodystocking Have Open Crotches Or Splits Where The Crotch Should Be. What This Means For You Is That There Will Be No Seams That May Cause Itching And Irritation On Your Privates During The Most Inopportune Times. What This Means For You Partner May Be Entirely Different.

The Benefits Of An Open Crotch Bodystocking

  • There Are Many Benefits To Wearing A Body Stocking With Open Crotch But The Primary Advantage Is The Comfort And Convenience It Brings To The Wearer. Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons You Should Consider Getting Open Crotch Bodystockings:
  • Open Crotch Bodystockings Are Sexy.
  • Open Crotch Body Stockings Hug Your Curves And Disguise Flaws.
  • You Can Match Open Crotch Bodystockings With Your Choice Of Thongs For A Playful Look Or Leave Your Bottom Bare For A Tantalizing Sight.
  • Your Lover Will Also Welcome That Hint Of Naughtiness That A Body Stocking With Open Crotch Brings.
    Open Crotch Body Stockings Are Comfortable And Convenient.
    Whether You Need To Go To The Bathroom, Or You Need To Readjust Assume A Position That Would Require Maximum Leg Power, You No Longer Need To Worry About Tearing Your Bodystockings Apart.
  • Your Man Is Sure To Enjoy The Easy Access He Gets With Open Crotch Bodystockings.
    Open Crotch Body Stockings Are Versatile.
    There Are Many Open Crotch Bodystocking Designs You Can Choose From. Whether You Want An Open Crotch Fishnet Bodystocking Or A Plus Size One, You’re Sure To Find One That Suits You.
  • There Are Also Sheer, Fence Net, And Lace Options Available.

Why Don’t You Check Out Our Open Crotch Bodystocking Collection Today And Start Looking Sexy While Staying Comfy?


Thigh High Stockings

Thigh High Stockings, THE site to find information on everything from thigh high socks to thigh high tights to women in stockings.

Sexy Thigh High Stockings

Feeling good and looking good often go hand-in-hand and this is why so much attention is focused on appearance and in particular fashion. Dressing well is one of the best ways you can increase your confidence and give a better impression of yourself. Each year new fashion trends come and go but there are certain items of clothing that are always fashionable. One of the best examples of this is thigh high stockings.

Thigh high stockings have been popular for centuries – first being introduced in the late 16th Century. The reason for the popularity of thigh high stockings is due to them being extremely versatile and being sexy as well as classy. They work in a number of different combinations with a lot of women wearing them as an alternative to pantyhose. One of the reasons for this is that they are known to lessen the chance of deep venous thrombosis and therefore reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

Plenty of women will wear thigh high socks to make them feel sexy. Not only do they feel sexy but it’s known that plenty of men find women in stockings very attractive. They are a great way to accentuate the curves in your legs as they cling to your thighs. Often thigh high stockings are worn with a skirt that shows where they end but they can be worn with any type of dress or skirt to add a feeling of style and elegance.

Thigh high stockings, or thigh-high tights as they are sometimes known, are available in a number of different heel and toe options. These include French heel, sandal foot and Cuban heel. They are very often worn with a garter belt. A garter belt is simply a piece of fabric which is attached to the stockings and worn around the waist to hold the stockings up. This is a great way to give a more sexy look to the stockings. Garter belts are available in a number of different fabrics depending on what type of look you’re going for. If you want to get a ‘vintage stockings’ look then it is a good idea to go for a more lacy fabric for both the stockings themselves and the garter belt.


If you’re shopping online for your thigh high stockings there are tonnes of great places to buy from. Just make sure you read up about the type of material and the color as it can sometimes vary. Of course, you don’t have to buy online – there are a lot of great high street stores that sell thigh high stockings and a lot of them have sales on so you can pick up a bargain while you’re there. The advantage to buying from a shop rather than online is that you can see the stockings in person and feel the material to check you’re happy with them.

Thigh high stockings are an excellent addition to your wardrobe and a great way to look and feel sexy without spending a fortune. They are available in many colors and types of fabric so you can have a wide selection of stockings to suit any occasion.

Thigh High Tights

Fashion is something that’s always changing. However, there are certain fashion staples that will always be popular. One such example is thigh high tights. Thigh high tights have been popular since the late sixteenth century though the way they are worn and how much choice there is has changed dramatically since then. Historically they have.

Fashion is something that’s always changing. However, there are certain fashion staples that will always be popular. One such example is thigh high tights. Thigh high tights have been popular since the late sixteenth century though the way they are worn and how much choice there is has changed dramatically since then. Historically they have been a way for women to accentuate their legs and provide class and elegance to their look. They are worn for the same reasons today though they have expanded and are used in many fashion settings you would not have seen in the past.

Thigh high tights, also known as ‘thigh high socks’, ‘thigh high leggings’ or ‘thigh high stockings’, are not only a way to add elegance and style to an outfit but they also serve a very practical purpose. They support the legs and lower body and are worn by many women as a safer and more practical alternative to pantyhose. They are generally worn with short or long skirts, the idea being to enhance the curves of the legs whilst also hiding any unsightly blemishes. Often, they are worn with a garter belt, which is a piece of material attached to the stockings to hold them up. Alternatively, there are stockings which stay up by themselves by having a tight piece of elastic at the top of them. Whilst this comes with the advantage of having no straps showing it can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time as well as being bad for circulation.

Thigh-high tights come in a great number of colors, styles and fabrics. The type you choose will depend on what occasion they are being worn for. Often women will wear fun, colorful thigh high socks if they’re going out with friends. These are especially popular with teenagers. For a more elegant look, many women like to wear sheer stockings with a garter belt. This is seen as a very sexy look and many men say they find women in stockings to be very sexy. When worn in this setting – red, black and sheer are classic choices.

If you’re interested in purchasing thigh high tights there are a lot of places to purchase them from. If you decide to get them online you can find them at Lingerie By Jean Lesley. However, it is not always ideal to purchase online as you cannot fully judge the fabric or color as you would if being there in person. But if you have purchased similar items in the past online then that would be a great way to go.

Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks have been a fashion classic for centuries. They add elegance and style to any outfit and provide a myriad of choices to suit any occasion. Often thigh high socks are thought of as a hosiery item, as they are sometimes called ‘thigh high stockings’ or ‘thigh high tights’.

Tips for Buying Tights, Pantyhose and Other Legwear Online

Arlette Patterned Tights

Tips for Shopping For Tights, Pantyhose, and also Other Legwear Online

What legwear we decide to wear depends on our taste, pragmatism, our sexy feeling of design, or often both. With the advancement in fiber modern technology, our options in leggings, stockings, tights, and other legwear have actually never ever been better. We can quickly discover items that simply aren’t readily available in our local shops’ thanks widely to the internet. To help find the best online store for legwear, the following tips will help you.

A Committed Site

While lots of apparel-related sites selling pantyhose’s and luxury tights, it’s best to look for an eCommerce store that specializes in legwear only. Go a step better and shop on a website that is popular with selling women’s legwear. When you do, you’ll have the ability to pick from the biggest variety of items readily available. Because a specialized website focuses on one kind of lingerie or hosiery, you will be able to access all of the current hosiery on the market including many different styles and colors. On top of that, you’ll be able to make use of a wealth of in-depth knowledge and understanding about hosiery. Due to the specialized nature of the website, you are sure that everybody from the owner to customer support service representatives will be more than knowledgeable on any of the styles you may have questions on.

Range of Styles

A good online source for legwear will certainly have available many styles of legwear items. They’ll have tights and also pantyhose, along with stockings, bodystockings, as well as thigh highs. Within a group of leggings, there will be a variety of materials, including silky cotton, cozy wools, and smooth microfibers. Given that colored legwear is fashionable you be able to pick amongst lots of shades. And, certainly, a wide range of brands must be readily available.


A dedicated online legwear website is more likely to offer you complete descriptions of the items that are available. They will certainly, for example, explain the difference in 30 denier pantyhose and also 80 denier leggings, along with the kinds of seams, panties, panels, as well as gussets that each style has.

Customer Scores

Someone’s idea of excellent tights might be another individual’s nightmare. A website that makes it possible for customers to review and also have priced items will certainly facilitate in making the right choice.

Rate Factor

A specialized online leg wear site will certainly have items available at different prices or quantity breaks so you can narrow your selection to fit your needs and price levels. Perhaps you require reasonably affordable knee-highs to put on with pants for a particular occasion, however, would like silk stockings for special events. A wonderful website will certainly have all of it.

Dimension Ranges

No matter what, it’s to be noted one size does not fit all. Females that are plus size, who are petite, or that have long legs are frequently left out when it pertains to purchasing leggings and also various other legwear. A specialized site that is devoted to customer support will have gorgeous styles offered for practically every type of body, as well as to respond to the type of inquiries you may have regarding fit.

Tights and Stockings and Pantyhose… Oh, My!

Casual Friday Legwear

Although “Casual Fridays” are gradually – and unfortunately – disappearing in the business world, countless women most likely to go out in the evening or the office barelegged. Stilettos and also dresses may still be in style, yet where is the legwear? As a career woman that takes into consideration tights, stockings, pantyhose, and also their necessities, I wish to take this opportunity to voice my opinion on legwear.

I recognize that some women say that legwear is limiting for females as neckties are for guys, but I discover it liberating. What I dress in on my legs is an extension of the footwear, extras, as well as clothing I pick to wear. Equally it’s unlikely for me to go to work without my makeup, as it would for me to go bare legs to work.

The large range of women’s legwear that is available is most likely to blow your socks off (no joke intended). There’s something for everyone to feel good in and also for every occasion. Merely browse any on-line shops that is dedicated to providing high top-quality women lingerie if you’re in doubt. And if you do, these are the things you’ll find:

Leggings: Today’s tights come in an amazing variety of fabrics, from cozy wools to velvety cottons to silky microfiber blends. You can find style tights in lots of colors and also prints that can match every attire in your wardrobe. Whether you want to ward off a wintertime cool or reveal some skin in the summer season, leggings are a terrific method to reveal your fashion feeling and your sense of style.

Pantyhose: There’s undoubtedly no question that pantyhose put the finishing touches on any outfit. From ultra-sheer to opaque, from neutral colors to brazen hues, from commercial reinforced toes to glossy sheer, pantyhose can mirror your mood, your garments, or your goals.

Thigh-Highs: If you like the silky feeling of hose versus your bare legs but do not want to bother with either garters or the panties in pantyhose, then Thigh-Highs is the way to go. Whether you choose lace tops thigh highs or soft silicone thigh-high tops that lay flat against your skin, thigh-highs will certainly never ever let you down.

Stockings: The appeal of stockings is famous, not just for the men they entice but also for the sensations that females have when they dress in them. Garters and stockings are the best in femininity, yet when you go one step even more and select a silk stocking, you’ll never ever return. Wearing stockings feels sexy and private since no one need to know you’re wearing them, yet they will certainly bring a smile to your face all day long.

Bodystockings: Some females would certainly never ever dream of buying bodystockings, but that’s likely since they have actually never ever dressed in them. Granted, they may not be appropriate for every occasion, but like stockings, they will make you really feel both sexy and also classy.

When there are so many options offered to finish your clothing and make you feel sexy all under your clothing, leaving your legs bare is a crying shame.