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What Is A Bodystocking?

Sexy Open Crotch Bodystocking


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The Beginner’s Guide to Bodystockings

Almost All Newcomers To The Site Are Here Because Of Curiosity Born Out Of A Conversation With A Rather Frank And Open Female Friend, Often A Conversation That Had Included Alcohol. Bodystockings Are Actually Incredibly Popular – There’s About 100,000 Monthly Searches On Google On A Term Including “body Stocking” Or The More Singular “bodystocking” And That’s Only In The Uk With Nearly 20,000 People Asking Every Month “What Is A Bodystocking?”, So If That’s How You Arrived Here, You’re In Good Company!

A Good Indicator Of How Popular They Are Is That We Have Over 150 Different Lines Of Bodystockings For Sale, And That’s Without Counting The Different Colours. Every Day Lots Of New People Buy Their First Bodystocking, And We Hope You’ll Buy Yours Here From Us, Of Course! So, Let’s Start With That Most Common Question.

What is a bodystocking?

Exotic Lingerie, That Is Exactly What It Sounds Like. Where Normal Stockings Are Simply Nylons For The Legs, A Bodystocking Covers The Whole Body, Including The Legs – It Is Literally A Body Piece Of Underwear Combined With Stockings All-in-one. Sometimes The Bodystocking Will Be Long-sleeved, But Although It Covers The Body, Designs Have Progressed Over The Years And There’s Now Plenty Of Styles To Choose From.

Many People Start Out With A Bodystocking That Is Full Body, But Soon Work Out That There’s More Fun To Be Had With Some Of The Designs Made From Fishnet Or The Wider Fencenet And Similar Materials, And With Designs That Have Panels Cut Out To Bare More Flesh, Which Rather Brings Us To The Next Most Common Question About Body Stockings

What Is The Point Of Bodystockings?

Once You’ve Dealt With The What Of Bodystockings, The Next Question People Ask You Is: Why? The Answer Is Incredible Simple: They’re Very Sexy.

Women Like Them Because They Make Them Feel Attractive – They Add To Your Body Confidence Because They Are Made From Stretchy Material, So Whatever Your Size And Wherever The Wobbly Bits You Don’t Like On Your Body Are (and We All Have Them), A Body Stocking Will Help Shape Your Figure And Make The Most Of You.

Men Like Bodystockings On Women For Simple Reasons Too. Firstly, A More Confident Women Is Instantly More Sexually Appealing, But That’s Psychological. The More Obvious Reason Is That Bodystockings Are Unusual, Which Is A Turn On In Itself, And They Are Visually Designed To Highlight The Bits On A Woman That Men Like To Look At. So, Guess What? They Do.

And Practically, How Does A Bodystocking Work?

Yes, Well, That’s Normally The Third Question, So Given We’re All Adults, Let’s Just Deal With It. Bodystockings Are Made From Various Materials, And Some People Like Sheer Body Stockings, While Others Prefer The More Open Net Ones, But What They All Have In Common (with Very Few Exceptions, That You Will See In The Additional Information Section On A Product Page), Is That The Stockings Have An Open Crotch At The Bottom Of The Body. Someone In The Us Came Up With The Term “convenience Crotch”, Which We Love, But It Means That You Can Keep The Bodystocking On When Making Love. With Some Of The Lines That Have Open Tops Or Lace-up Tops To The Bodies, Some People Like To Roll Those Down As The Play Progresses, But Keep The Actual Garment On. In Truth, It’s This Half Dressed State That Often Ups The Appeal Of Bodystockings To Both Sexes.

Ok, I’m Convinced To Try One, But Any Other Reasons?

The Most Common Feedback We Get From Customers Is That They Were Looking For Something To Spice Up Their Sex Life, And Wanted Something Risqué But Safe. Bodystockings Fit The Bill Perfectly – As You Can Tell From The Numbers Of People We Mentioned At The Top Of This Article, Plenty Of People Have One Of These Or More In Their Lingerie Drawer. We Like To Think Of Them As The Uk’s Best Kept Bedroom Secret.

There’s One Other Reason For That – The Price. Sexy Lingerie Is Often Top Of Both Men’s And Women’s List When They Are Looking For A Little Spice, But Sizing Is Difficult And Proper Sexy Lingerie Can Cost Over £100 For A Set. In Contrast Most Of Our Bodystockings Cost Under £20 And They Come In Two Sizes To Fit Everyone From Size 6 To 24, So You Just Need To Know Your Basic Size (It’s One Of The Wonders Of The Lycra/elastic In The Bodystocking’s Material).