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Tips for Buying Tights, Pantyhose, and also Other Legwear Online

Long Sleeves Open Crotch Bodystocking

Many thanks to developments in thread modern technology, our options in leggings, stockings, pantyhose, bodystockings, and also various other legwear have actually never ever been actually higher. To discover the absolute best online resource for legwear, make use of the following tips.

A Dedicated Site

Go visit a brick and mortar store or even better a store on a web site that is actually an innovator in offering females choices along with a wide range  and styles of bodystockings and leg wear. Given that a specialized lingerie web site focuses on one style of item, you will definitely possess accessibility to all of the most up-to-date leg wear on the market. Since the internet site is actually extremely concentrated, you can easily be actually certain that every person coming from the manager to the client company agents will definitely deliver you along with correct info and also assistance. However, nowadays you can engage with a virtual assistant online to help you choose the correct styles.

Selection of Styles

Even better is that stores on a web site actually provides a forerunner in offering girls wider selection of styles to choose from along with unparalleled leg wear. Considering that a devoted internet site focuses on one style of item, you are going to possess accessibility to all of the most current leg wear on the market. Given that the internet site is actually very focused, you may be actually certain that everybody coming from the manager to the client solution reps are going to offer you along with precise relevant information and also support online through virtual online assistants.

Cost Point


A specialized online leg wear web site is actually a lot more very likely than a non-specialty website to deliver you along with precise as well as valuable summaries of the items they hold. They are going to reveal, as an example, the variation in between 30 denier pantyhose and also 80 denier leggings, in addition to the forms of joints, underwears, boards, and also seams that each design possesses.

An extensive online leg wear internet site is going to possess items readily available at an assortment of rate factors, thus you can easily locate a selection of legwear to accommodate your needs. Possibly you require reasonably affordable knee-highs to use along with pants to operate, yet desire to savor like French cotton stockings for unique affairs. A wonderful site will certainly possess everything.

A single person’s concept of best leggings might be actually an additional individual’s problem. An internet site that allows clients to assess and also price items will definitely aid you help make an educated getting choice.

A detailed online leg wear website will definitely possess items on call at a selection of rate aspects, therefore you may discover an assortment of legwear to accommodate your demands. A committed web site that is actually devoted to consumer solution will certainly possess wonderful types offered for basically every aspect of your body and also will definitely be actually capable to address any kind of inquiries you might possess regarding a perfect match.

A really good online resource for legwear will definitely possess an array of kinds and also designs of leg wear items. Within a classification like leggings, you need to be actually capable to pick from a wide array of manufactures brands, consisting of silky cotton, cozy woollens, as well as modern microfibers.

Despite what females are actually suggesting, one measurements does not match all. Females that are actually full-figured, tiny, or even possess lengthy lower legs are actually commonly neglected when it relates to getting leggings and also various other leg wear. A devoted internet site that is actually devoted to customer support are going to possess stunning types in sizes and readily available practically for every type of body as well as virtual online assistants are going to manage to respond to any kind of inquiries you might possess regarding match.

Thigh High Stockings

Octanya Patterned Hold Ups #14

Feeling Good And Looking Good Often Go Hand-In-Hand. This Is Why So Much Attention Is Focused On Appearance And In Particular Fashion. Dressing Well Is One Of The Best Ways You Can Increase Your Confidence And Give A Better Impression Of Yourself. Each Year New Fashion Trends Come And Go But There Are Certain Items Of Clothing That Are Always Fashionable. One Of The Best Examples Of This Is Thigh High Stockings.

Thigh High Socks, Thigh High Tights, Vintage Stockings
Thigh High Stockings Have Been Popular For Centuries – First Being Introduced In The Late 16th Century. The Reason For The Popularity Of Thigh High Stockings Is Due To Them Being Extremely Versatile And Being Sexy As Well As Classy. They Work In A Number Of Different Combinations With A Lot Of Women Wearing Them As An Alternative To Panty Hose. One Of The Reasons For This Is That They Are Known To Lessen The Chance Of Deep Venous Thrombosis And Therefore Reduce The Appearance Of Varicose Veins.

Thigh High Stockings, Thigh High Stockings
Plenty Of Women Will Wear Thigh High Socks To Make Them Feel Sexy. Not Only Do They Feel Sexy But It’s Known That Plenty Of Men Find Women In Stockings Very Attractive. They Are A Great Way To Accentuate The Curves In Your Legs As They Cling To Your Thighs. Often Thigh High Stockings Are Worn With A Skirt That Shows Where They End But They Can Be Worn With Any Type Of Dress Or Skirt To Add A Feeling Of Style And Elegance.

Thigh High Stockings, Thigh High Socks

Thigh High Stockings, Or Thigh High Tights As They Are Sometimes Known, Are Available In A Number Of Different Heel And Toe Options. These Include French Heel, Sandalfoot And Cuban Heel. They Are Very Often Worn With A Garter Belt. A Garter Belt Is Simply A Piece Of Fabric Which Is Attached To The Stockings And Worn Around The Waist To Hold The Stockings Up. This Is A Great Way To Give A More Sexy Look To The Stockings. Garter Belts Are Available In A Number Of Different Fabrics Depending On What Type Of Look You’re Going For. If You Want To Get A ‘Vintage Stockings’ Look Then Then It Is A Good Idea To Go For A More Lacy Fabric For Both The Stockings Themselves And The Garter Belt.

If You’re Shopping Online For Your Thigh High Socks There Are Tonnes Of Great Places To Buy From. Just Make Sure You Read Up About The Type Of Material And The Colour As It Can Sometimes Vary. Of Course You Don’t Have To Buy Online – There Are A Lot Of Great High Street Stores That Sell Thigh High Stockings And A Lot Of Them Have Sales On So You Can Pick Up A Bargain While You’re There. The Advantage To Buying From A Shop Rather Than Online Is That You Can See The Stockings In Person And Feel The Material To Check You’re Happy With Them.
Thigh High Stockings Are An Excellent Addition To Your Wardrobe And A Great Way To Look And Feel Sexy Without Spending A Fortune. They Are Available In Many Colours And Types Of Fabric So You Can Have A Wide Selection Of Stockings To Suit Any Occasion.

Thigh High Tights
Fashion Is Something That’s Always Changing. However There Are Certain Fashion Staples That Will Always Be Popular. One Such Example Is Thigh High Tights. Thigh High Tights Have Been Popular Since The Late Sixteenth Century Though The Way They Are Worn And How Much Choice There Is Has Changed Dramatically Since Then. Historically They Have Been A Way For Women To Accentuate Their Legs And Provide Class And Elegance To Their Look. They Are Worn For The Same Reasons Today Though They Have Expanded And Are Used In Many Fashion Settings You Would Not Have Seen In The Past.

Thigh High Stockings, Thigh High Socks
Thigh High Tights, Also Known As ‘Thigh High Socks’, ‘Thigh High Leggings’ Or ‘Thigh High Stockings’, Are Not Only A Way To Add Elegance And Style To An Outfit But They Also Serve A Very Practical Purpose. They Support The Legs And Lower Body And Are Worn By Many Women As A Safer And More Practical Alternative To Pantyhose. They Are Generally Worn With Short Or Long Skirts, The Idea Being To Enhance The Curves Of The Legs Whilst Also Hiding Any Unsightly Blemishes. Often They Are Worn With A Garter Belt, Which Is A Piece Of Material Attached To The Stockings To Hold Them Up. Alternatively There Are Stockings Which Stay Up By Themselves By Having A Tight Piece Of Elastic At The Top Of Them. Whilst This Comes With The Advantage Of Having No Straps Showing It Can Be Uncomfortable If Worn For Long Periods Of Time As Well As Being Bed For Circulation.

Thigh High Tights, Thigh High Socks
Thigh High Tights Come In A Great Number Of Colours, Styles And Fabrics. The Type You Choose Will Depend On What Occasion They Are Being Worn For. Often Women Will Wear Fun, Colourful Thigh High Socks If They’re Going Out With Friends. These Are Especially Popular With Teenagers. For A More Elegant Look, Many Women Like To Wear Sheer Stockings With A Garter Belt. This Is Seen As A Very Sexy Look And Many Men Say They Find Women In Stockings To Be Very Sexy. When Worn In This Setting – Red, Black And Sheer Are Classic Choices.

Thigh High Stockings, Thigh High Tights
If You’re Interested In Purchasing Thigh High Tights There Are A Lot Of Places To Purchase Them From. If You Decide To Get Them Online You Can Find Them At Most Big Retailers Such As Amazon. However It Is Not Always Ideal To Purchase Online As You Cannot Fully Judge The Fabric Or Colour As You Would If Being Their In Person.

What Is A Bodystocking?

Sexy Open Crotch Bodystocking


  • How To Wear A Bodystocking
  • When To Wear A Bodystocking
  • Types Of Bodystocking
  • History Of Bodystockings
  • Why Are Body Stockings Popular?
  • Bodystocking Gift Advice
  • Alternatives To Body Stockings

The Beginner’s Guide to Bodystockings

Almost All Newcomers To The Site Are Here Because Of Curiosity Born Out Of A Conversation With A Rather Frank And Open Female Friend, Often A Conversation That Had Included Alcohol. Bodystockings Are Actually Incredibly Popular – There’s About 100,000 Monthly Searches On Google On A Term Including “body Stocking” Or The More Singular “bodystocking” And That’s Only In The Uk With Nearly 20,000 People Asking Every Month “What Is A Bodystocking?”, So If That’s How You Arrived Here, You’re In Good Company!

A Good Indicator Of How Popular They Are Is That We Have Over 150 Different Lines Of Bodystockings For Sale, And That’s Without Counting The Different Colours. Every Day Lots Of New People Buy Their First Bodystocking, And We Hope You’ll Buy Yours Here From Us, Of Course! So, Let’s Start With That Most Common Question.

What is a bodystocking?

Exotic Lingerie, That Is Exactly What It Sounds Like. Where Normal Stockings Are Simply Nylons For The Legs, A Bodystocking Covers The Whole Body, Including The Legs – It Is Literally A Body Piece Of Underwear Combined With Stockings All-in-one. Sometimes The Bodystocking Will Be Long-sleeved, But Although It Covers The Body, Designs Have Progressed Over The Years And There’s Now Plenty Of Styles To Choose From.

Many People Start Out With A Bodystocking That Is Full Body, But Soon Work Out That There’s More Fun To Be Had With Some Of The Designs Made From Fishnet Or The Wider Fencenet And Similar Materials, And With Designs That Have Panels Cut Out To Bare More Flesh, Which Rather Brings Us To The Next Most Common Question About Body Stockings

What Is The Point Of Bodystockings?

Once You’ve Dealt With The What Of Bodystockings, The Next Question People Ask You Is: Why? The Answer Is Incredible Simple: They’re Very Sexy.

Women Like Them Because They Make Them Feel Attractive – They Add To Your Body Confidence Because They Are Made From Stretchy Material, So Whatever Your Size And Wherever The Wobbly Bits You Don’t Like On Your Body Are (and We All Have Them), A Body Stocking Will Help Shape Your Figure And Make The Most Of You.

Men Like Bodystockings On Women For Simple Reasons Too. Firstly, A More Confident Women Is Instantly More Sexually Appealing, But That’s Psychological. The More Obvious Reason Is That Bodystockings Are Unusual, Which Is A Turn On In Itself, And They Are Visually Designed To Highlight The Bits On A Woman That Men Like To Look At. So, Guess What? They Do.

And Practically, How Does A Bodystocking Work?

Yes, Well, That’s Normally The Third Question, So Given We’re All Adults, Let’s Just Deal With It. Bodystockings Are Made From Various Materials, And Some People Like Sheer Body Stockings, While Others Prefer The More Open Net Ones, But What They All Have In Common (with Very Few Exceptions, That You Will See In The Additional Information Section On A Product Page), Is That The Stockings Have An Open Crotch At The Bottom Of The Body. Someone In The Us Came Up With The Term “convenience Crotch”, Which We Love, But It Means That You Can Keep The Bodystocking On When Making Love. With Some Of The Lines That Have Open Tops Or Lace-up Tops To The Bodies, Some People Like To Roll Those Down As The Play Progresses, But Keep The Actual Garment On. In Truth, It’s This Half Dressed State That Often Ups The Appeal Of Bodystockings To Both Sexes.

Ok, I’m Convinced To Try One, But Any Other Reasons?

The Most Common Feedback We Get From Customers Is That They Were Looking For Something To Spice Up Their Sex Life, And Wanted Something Risqué But Safe. Bodystockings Fit The Bill Perfectly – As You Can Tell From The Numbers Of People We Mentioned At The Top Of This Article, Plenty Of People Have One Of These Or More In Their Lingerie Drawer. We Like To Think Of Them As The Uk’s Best Kept Bedroom Secret.

There’s One Other Reason For That – The Price. Sexy Lingerie Is Often Top Of Both Men’s And Women’s List When They Are Looking For A Little Spice, But Sizing Is Difficult And Proper Sexy Lingerie Can Cost Over £100 For A Set. In Contrast Most Of Our Bodystockings Cost Under £20 And They Come In Two Sizes To Fit Everyone From Size 6 To 24, So You Just Need To Know Your Basic Size (It’s One Of The Wonders Of The Lycra/elastic In The Bodystocking’s Material).

Tips for Buying Tights, Pantyhose and Other Legwear Online

Arlette Patterned Tights

There’s little question that what we choose to wear on our legs is a reflection of our pragmatism, our sense of style, or sometimes both. Thanks to advances in fiber technology, our choices in tights, stockings, pantyhose, and other legwear have never been greater. And, thanks to the Internet, we can easily find products that simply aren’t available in our local stores. To find the best online source for legwear, use the following guidelines.

A Dedicated Site

While many apparel-related websites carry pantyhose and fashion tights, it’s best to shop at an online store that is dedicated to selling only legwear. In fact, go a step further and shop on a site that is a leader in supplying women with world-class hosiery. When you do, you’ll be able to select from the largest variety of products available. Because a dedicated site concentrates on one type of product, you will have access to all of the latest hosiery on the market. In addition, you’ll be able to draw on an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge about hosiery when making your selections. Because the site is highly specialized, you can be sure that everyone from the owner to the customer service representatives will provide you with accurate information and help.

Variety of Styles

A good online source for legwear will have a variety of types and styles of hosiery products. For example, they’ll have tights and pantyhose, but will also carry items like stockings, thigh highs, holdups, and bodystockings. Within a category like tights, you should be able to select from among a variety of fabrications, including velvety cottons, warm wools, and sleek microfibers. Similarly, since coloured hosiery is in vogue these days, you should be able to choose from among dozens of colors. And, of course, a wide variety of brands should be available.


A dedicated online hosiery site is much more likely than a non-specialty site to provide you with helpful and accurate descriptions of the products they carry. They will explain, for example, the difference between 30 denier pantyhose and 80 denier tights, as well as the types of seams, panties, panels, and gussets that each style has.

Customer Ratings

One person’s idea of perfect tights may be another person’s nightmare. A site that enables customers to review and rate products will help you make an informed buying decision.

Price Point

A comprehensive online hosiery site will have products available at a variety of price points, so you can find a variety of legwear to fit your needs. Perhaps you need relatively inexpensive knee-highs to wear with slacks to work, but want to indulge in French silk stockings for special occasions. A great website will have it all.

Size Ranges

Regardless of what women are led to believe, one size doesn’t fit all. Women who are full-figured, who are petite, or who have very long legs are often left out when it comes to buying tights and other hosiery. A dedicated site that is committed to customer service will have beautiful styles available for virtually every body type, and will be able to answer any questions you may have about fit.

Tights and Stockings and Pantyhose… Oh, My!

Casual Friday Legwear

Although “Casual Fridays” are slowly – and thankfully – retiring from the corporate world, many women continue to go to the office or an evening out barelegged. Dresses and stilettos may still be in vogue, but where is the legwear? As a career woman who considers tights, stockings, pantyhose, and their cousins de rigueur, I want to take this opportunity to sing the praises of legwear.

I know that some women argue that legwear is as constricting for women as neckties are for men, but I find it liberating. What I wear on my legs is an extension of the clothes, shoes, and accessories I choose to wear. Just as I wouldn’t want to go to work without my make-up, I wouldn’t dream of going to work with bare legs.

The sheer variety of women’s legwear that is available is enough to blow your socks off (no pun intended). There’s something out there for every mood and every occasion. If you’re in doubt, simply peruse one of the online stores that is dedicated to providing women with high quality products. When you do, here’s what you’ll find:

Tights: Today’s tights come in an incredible variety of fabrications, from warm wools to velvety cottons to silky microfiber blends. You can find fashion tights in dozens of colors and prints that can complement every outfit in your closet. Whether you want to ward off a winter chill or show some spunk in the summer, tights are a wonderful way to express your fashion sense and your sense of style.

Pantyhose: There’s little question that pantyhose put the finishing touches on any outfit. From ultra-sheer to opaque, from neutral colors to brazen hues, from industrial reinforced toes to shimmery gossamer, pantyhose can reflect your mood, your apparel, or your aspirations.

Thigh-Highs: If you love the silky feeling of hose against your legs but don’t want to bother with either garters or the panties in pantyhose, holdups are exactly what you need. Whether you choose wide lace bands or soft silicone tops that lay flat against your skin, thigh-highs will never let you down.

Stockings: The allure of stockings is legendary, not only for the men they attract but for the feelings that women have when they wear them. Stockings and garters are the ultimate in femininity, but when you go one step further and choose a silk stocking, you’ll never go back. Wearing stockings is like being privy to an inside joke…. No one else need know you’re wearing them, but they will bring a smile to your face all day long.

Bodystockings: Some women would never dream of buying bodystockings, but that’s likely because they’ve never worn them. Granted, they may not be appropriate for every occasion, but like stockings, they will make you feel both chic and sexy.

When there are so many options available to complete your outfits and make you feel good all under, leaving your legs bare is a crying shame.

Types of Stockings & Tights

Sheer Long Sleeves Bodystocking

If you looking for sexy thigh highs and stockings to make a perfect gift then step into my world of sexy stockings & tights at Lingerie By Jean Lesley.

Thigh High Stockings

Thigh High Stockings, THE site to find information on everything from thigh high socks to thigh high tights to women in stockings.

Sexy Thigh High Stockings

Feeling good and looking good often go hand-in-hand and this is why so much attention is focused on appearance and in particular fashion. Dressing well is one of the best ways you can increase your confidence and give a better impression of yourself. Each year new fashion trends come and go but there are certain items of clothing that are always fashionable. One of the best examples of this is thigh high stockings.

Thigh high stockings have been popular for centuries – first being introduced in the late 16th Century. The reason for the popularity of thigh high stockings is due to them being extremely versatile and being sexy as well as classy. They work in a number of different combinations with a lot of women wearing them as an alternative to pantyhose. One of the reasons for this is that they are known to lessen the chance of deep venous thrombosis and therefore reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

Plenty of women will wear thigh high socks to make them feel sexy. Not only do they feel sexy but it’s known that plenty of men find women in stockings very attractive. They are a great way to accentuate the curves in your legs as they cling to your thighs. Often thigh high stockings are worn with a skirt that shows where they end but they can be worn with any type of dress or skirt to add a feeling of style and elegance.

Thigh high stockings, or thigh-high tights as they are sometimes known, are available in a number of different heel and toe options. These include French heel, sandal foot, and Cuban heel. They are very often worn with a garter belt. A garter belt is simply a piece of fabric which is attached to the stockings and worn around the waist to hold the stockings up. This is a great way to give a more sexy look to the stockings. Garter belts are available in a number of different fabrics depending on what type of look you’re going for. If you want to get a ‘vintage stockings’ look then it is a good idea to go for a more lacy fabric for both the stockings themselves and the garter belt.

If you’re shopping online for your thigh high stockings there are tonnes of great places to buy from. Just make sure you read up about the type of material and the color as it can sometimes vary. Of course, you don’t have to buy online – there are a lot of great high street stores that sell thigh high stockings and a lot of them have sales on so you can pick up a bargain while you’re there. The advantage of buying from a shop rather than online is that you can see the stockings in person and feel the material to check you’re happy with them.

Thigh high stockings are an excellent addition to your wardrobe and a great way to look and feel sexy without spending a fortune. They are available in many colors and types of fabric so you can have a wide selection of stockings to suit any occasion.

Thigh High Tights

Fashion is something that’s always changing. However, there are certain fashion staples that will always be popular. One such example is thigh high tights. Thigh high tights have been popular since the late sixteenth century although the way they are worn and how much choice there is has changed dramatically since then. Historically they have been away for women to accentuate their legs and provide class and elegance to their look. They are worn for the same reasons today though they have expanded and are used in many fashion settings you would not have seen in the past.

Thigh high tights, also known as ‘thigh high socks’, ‘thigh-high leggings’ or ‘thigh high stockings’, are not only a way to add elegance and style to an outfit but they also serve a very practical purpose. They support the legs and lower body and are worn by many women as a safer and more practical alternative to pantyhose. They are generally worn with short or long skirts, the idea is to enhance the curves of the legs whilst also hiding any unsightly blemishes. Often, they are worn with a garter belt, which is a piece of material attached to the stockings to hold them up. Alternatively, there are stockings which stay up by themselves by having a tight piece of elastic at the top of them. Whilst this comes with the advantage of having no straps showing it can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time as well as being bad for circulation.

Thigh-high tights come in a great number of colors, styles, and fabrics. The type you choose will depend on what occasion they are being worn for. Often women will wear fun, colorful thigh high socks if they’re going out with friends. These are especially popular with teenagers. For a more elegant look, many women like to wear sheer stockings with a garter belt. This is seen as a very sexy look and many men say they find women in stockings to be very sexy. When worn in this setting – red, black and sheer are classic choices.

If you’re interested in purchasing thigh high tights there are a lot of places to purchase them from. If you decide to get them online you can find them at Lingerie By Jean Lesley. However, it is not always ideal to purchase online as you cannot fully judge the fabric or color as you would if being there in person. But if you have purchased similar items in the past online then that would be a great way to go.

Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks have been a fashion classic for centuries. They add elegance and style to any outfit and provide a myriad of choices to suit any occasion. Often thigh high socks are thought of as a hosiery item, as they are sometimes called ‘thigh high stockings’ or ‘thigh-high tights’.